Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How I Learned to Cook

I learned from Nonni, my grandmother.

I come from a background of a large Italian family. My grandmother on my dad's side was from Italy and didn't speak hardly any English at all. And in the true Italian tradition, every Sunday the entire family would go to Mass and then go to Nonni's house. All of the children, their spouses, all their children and grandchildren would spend the entire day at Nonni's house. There, we would eat and play and watch TV and have a really great family time.

On special occasions like Christmas, Birthdays, and Christenings (of which there were a lot) the meals were even larger and more elaborate.

So, of course, all of the daughters and daughter-in-laws would go down to Nonni's house on Saturday and we would cook all day long.

Nonni was an amazing cook. All of her sauces were homemade, all of her pasta was made by hand without a pasta maker, all of her cakes from scratch. Everything that you ate was from scratch nothing was store made.

I grew up where all the food was from scratch. It was so much fun!

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